Rent To Own My House?

Rent To Own My House?  What’s this all about anyways?

Simply, I’m a professional real estate investor and specialize in selling our properties using a unique method that (1) eliminates realtor fees, (2) increases my cash flow for a couple years before the sale finalizes, (3) reduces or eliminates any mortgage payout penalties (which are very common in some parts of the world), and (4) HELPS PEOPLE.

I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of people that own a property who would like to sell their property if they could, however for one reason or another they cannot sell it the ‘normal’ way.

This site is my way to give back and teach the thousands of people out there (1) the benefits of selling in this way, and (2) the critical you-must-NEVER-skip-these-things steps that are required for this process to turn selling into a dream, and not a nightmare.

Browse the site, check out some of the posts, and please get in touch if you have any questions!


Here’s to your future,


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